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Geotechnical investigations
One of the main activities of the company is conducting engineering - geological surveys for residential houses, industrial buildings, the linear structures ( roads , railway lines ).
The purpose of these investigations is the definition of physicomechanical properties of soils in the area of the foundations, hydrogeological environment, preparation of geological maps, sections and 3D Diagrams .
This objective is achieved by  providing direct field investigations (drilling, sampling of undisturbed structures, inspection of soils in the wellbore) or indirect resulting from geophisical data interpretations.
In the process of surveying a customer receives progress reports on the promotions of the projects (Tempopary Report & Project Progress) as well as temporary cuts, profiles ( Logs ), and laboratory findings ( Laboratory Tests Report ).
The final report is provided to the customer at the end of the full volume of the planned works, after processing and interpretation of all obtained during the survey data .
The report includes a description   research methods , corresponding to relevant standards, the description of  engineering-geological conditions,  hydrogeological situation and, if necessary, an advice on choosing the kind of foundations or  physical and mechanical  soils properties improvement
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