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Design and preparation of technical specifications for landfill sites , use of landfill biogas from solid waste
The company is working in the design, operation, preservation of landfill sites with a maximum gas generation and following utilisations of biogas. Gasification of landfills may last for more than 100 years. Time during which gas evolution decreases twice as high is as 25 years. At the same time, leaked from the grave biogas, is a real danger deu to of risk of fire or explosion, as well as harmful to human health. Methane is associated with thermal effect increase , which falls under the Kyoto agreement. Therefore, degassing of the old graves with household waste is a necessary condition for normal functioning of the housing and communal services, both in terms of ecology, and in terms of energy conservation.
Known experience of the USA, Canada, European countries (particularly Sweden) in the industrial production of biogas from municipal landfills .This experience is summarized in the materials of the American Agency for Environmental Protection - EPA, which has developed a range of soft-law instruments that help professionals choose the right approach :

a) to assess the capacity of existing landfill sites to produce biogas ( methane concentration - 50-60%);
b) technology to create new recycling landfill sites for  with the creation conditions aimed at dumping the maximum yield of biogas.

The company is actively working in this direction with the proper equipment, staff of skilled employees, proven technology to perform a full complex of works on points a) and b).
Israel only employees of the company held a full complex of works on 3-scale landfill sites resulting in the construction of power generators using biogas energy.
Complex of works performed by firm employees include :
Survey work:
  • Control Drilling
  • Geophysical diagnosis
  • Pumping and monitoring wells network development and establishment
  • Static tests conduct
  • Forced test evacuation
Development of industrial pumping scheme, the calculation of potential energy (power biogeneratora) with the forecast period, its effective operation - economic feasibility. In the case of positive assessment of energy potential and cost-effectiveness, the following activities are being carried :
  • Landfill site waterproofing surfacing (Can be used method of spraying devepoled by us, together with engineers Terra-Best ltd., 3-component soil-cement-polymer mixture with a low filtration properties or surface coating film of high density polyethylene - HDPE)
  • Installation of vertical gas drainage system from perforated walls wells to a height exceeding the height of the first bottom layer of waste .
  • Installation of pipes gas gathering system and wells , cleaning condensate from the liquid component .
  • Installation of current electric generators
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