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Geological investigations
The company has had extensive experience in providing explorational works on all kinds of minerals (except petroleum).
Geoplyus company has successful experience in cooperation with foreign partners.
Our company employs experienced specialists in the field of geology and geophysics with extensive experience in various regions of Russia and Europe , countries of Asia, Africa and South America . Geological team posesses extensive experience in search of diamonds, gold , silver and other metals.
The main goal of the company - consulting and independent audit of minerals, including engineering design, planning and conducting field research .Besides , the company has been engaged in attracting investments for the development and research of mineral resources, as well as in  mining industry .
Based on the definition of genetic, geological-industrial types and possible extent of mineralization, the optimization techniques of search and exploration is being performed .
Company provides a wide range of services in development and implementation of integrated exploration programs : from regional analysis of geological materials before making a feasibility study on developing a specific field.
Based on the latest techniques and technologies (taken in preparation of CPR) are conducted geological and economical evaluations of  precious , non-ferrous and rare earth metals deposites , the development of a feasibility study of field conditions as well as the exrertise of investment projects and business plans of the companies owning rights to exploration search, precious , non-ferrous and rare earth metals exploration and development
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Exploration on the gold deposit
Aktyuz. Estimation of rare-earth deposit
Estimation work
Dubrasit . Geological survey
Cabinda. Prospecting and Exploration of gold placers