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Kaluga Region. Pilot Project
Successfully completed a pilot project on stabilazation of soil pillow on internal roads without asphalt cover.
The project was implemented with the use of local stabilized soil (silty clay with a index plasticity IP 7  and liquid limit LL 22 ) - replacement of costly asphalt pavement with a simultaneous increase in the forecast period repaireless functioning .
The project was intended to increase the loading capacity of the roadway, improving erozionproof, resistance to uniaxial and triaxial compression, shear stress, decreases on propensity to swell and subsidence.
As the main stabilizers were used polymer emulsion TBE and cement.
The pilot project was of preliminary laboratory complex studies to select the optimum composition of the mixture, taking into account the design characteristics ( tonnage, axe loads, modulus of elasticity, etc.), selection of manufacturing equipment, preparation of ground pads and processing of the roadway. Uniformity of distribution of stabilizers was achieved by the combined use of the plow and active harrow . The pilot site was opened to traffic, heavy traffic in 5 days after completion of works (about 60% of the nominal strength of the roadway). Today, it has not been seen any sign of sliding and subsidence rut. Laboratory tests will be conducted after a set of nominal strength and posted on our website.
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Kaluga Region. Pilot Project
Kaluga Region. Pilot Project
Kaluga Region. Pilot Project